This is our Large (5in x 5in) Orgone Pyramid. This handcrafted Orgone pyramid, like all the pyramids we make are built in layers from the top down using a steel pyramid mold and clear casting resin. This pyramid was tinted to a beautiful Calming Red. The first layer we used a 5 point Quartz crystal shipped from India with an Quartz crystal pyramid in the center. The next layer we added two steel o-rings with 5 Neodenium Super Magnets in between the o-rings which was then wire-wrapped to amplifiy the magnetic field. Below the ring is a fine layer of Aluminum and Iron shavings. Then the last layer is added. The whole process takes about 3 days for a large pyramid and is done in a loving manner with positive intent. All pyramids are cleansed with sage, and set out to charge on full moons. The Intention for Ascension Pyramids is to build pyramids that will help people feel a calming positive emotion, then by seeing the symetrical design and bold colors help create Unity and Harmony within peoples Mind Body and Spirit. The second part of the intention is to actually create a device that naturally has an electromagnetic field. A device that would act as a constant energetic filter. The idea comes from Wilhelm Reich who discovered that when you layer organic material on top of inorganic material it facilitates this energetic scrubbing or energetic filtering affect which he called Orgone Technology and when you add a crystal to the peice, the crystal amplifies the affect through what is called the Piezoelectric effect.  We are still in the beginning stages of development, and further testing is still needed to test the technical component of the pyramid, so in the mean time they remain a beautiful art piece! 

Red Quarts Pyramid